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Stricken with polio at the age of two, Charles D. Dantzler was born in the 1950s, a time of rapid change in our world. With a life beginning on the cusp of the information-driven, technology-based society we know today, Dantzler was able to experience the tail end of yesterday, while living to see where we are headed for our tomorrow.

Dantzler, a graduate of Flint Northern High school, is the second of six children born to a stay-at-home, God –fearing, loving mother and a hardworking father, a factory line worker, for the General Motors Corporation. Charles being raised in a working-class neighborhood where everyone knew each other, his upbringing as well as his receiving The Salvation Experience at age 15, has enable him to not only moved beyond the results of the polio since age 2, but it laid the foundation for his present-day life

Years ago, as a divorced, single parent of three boys, he physically and emotionally suffered from many challenging experiences. And unknown to him at that time, the principles shared in his books are some of the things which enabled him to understand and overcome the challenges that he has faced in his life.

As a man fully committed to developing himself in Christ the living word, Dantzler after graduating from High School in 1968, received an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Baker College-Flint Campus. In 1982, Dantzler enrolled in Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he graduated from their Pastors course. In 2009, he received his certification as a diamontologist from the Diamond Council of America after completing a twelve-month course in ninety days.

Thirty-Seven years later, after re-enrolling at Baker College –Flint Campus in 2007, Dantzler received a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems in 2010 at the age of sixty, while writing and publishing his first book, The Salvation Experience: the key to understanding God in Your Life ( and went on in 2012 to write and publish a workbook entitled the Comprehension Reinforcement Workbook. In 2013, he wrote and published is second book, Genuine Faith: How Does It Work? In 2016 to write his third book, Seeing Your Setback as a Setup for Your Comeback. And now his fourth book, Let The Truth Be Told: my Struggle, your Struggle, the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

While pursuing his other accomplishments, Dantzler established and now after thirty-two years retired as pastor of A Word in Season Christian Fellowship Church-Flint Michigan, during which time was called and ordained August 2003 as a New Testament apostle, by Apostles Bob and Linda King of Detroit Michigan, under the direction of Dr. Valeria Depastino of Augusta Georgia.

Now, as an author, this father of three married sons, grandfather of six and of two great-granddaughters and one great-grandson, endeavors to pass on some of the knowledge, experiences, and victories he has gained from his study and application of God’s Word and being in ministry for over thirty-three plus years. His years of experience, and the apostolic anointing upon his life as he teaches and preaches Gods word; coupled with a God given sense of humor will feed your hungry spirit and transform your thinking concerning God’s will and purpose for your life.

The Salvation Experience: the key to understanding God in Your Life

The details and knowledge contained in this book will guide you to a place of allowing God to bring positive changes in your life. This book contains many keys that will assist you in making a real change.

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The Comprehension Reinforcement Workbook

A companion to The Salvation Experience: The Key to Understanding God in Your Life. is a complete curriculum, utilizing a variety of trusted learning tools that serve to enhance and strengthen your knowledge of God.


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Genuine Faith: How Does It Work?

No matter what kind of background you have, what title you hold, or where you are trying to go, God is waiting to bring you fulfillment, direction, success, healing, and peace of mind. And it all starts with you understanding and operating in genuine faith.

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Seeing Your Setback as a Setup for Your Comeback

During the course of our lives, we are bound to experience some type of Setback. Seeing your Setback as a Setup for your Comeback will offer some valuable keys to walking into your Comeback.


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